My name is Ilse Vos. I’m an artist based in Harlingen, the Netherlands. A small town at the sea. Born in 1993 and raised in a Frisian village called Burgum. Where I lived on an old farm for 19 years, with my parents and brothers. Art and nature took a great part of our lifes. And so it was almost predestined that both my brother and I went to art school. I graduated Art school in September 2016, and now, I’m busy searching for my role in this world.


What do I want to contribute to this world, what do I want to leave behind when I’m not here anymore? This thought, takes a great part of my life. And therefor, forms a great deal of inspiration to my work. What is our role as a human in this infinite dance, in this roleplaying of existence?

The fact that we sometimes forget about these questions, makes our lives more practical. Only to be waiting for the moment when we get smacked in the face by disillusion. Making the practical seem utterly meaningless. But if it would be meaningless, why would it exist in the first place?


To me this brings a part of the answer of why we exist. There is no why. We will never know the answer. As a human we are a mere particle of an energy exchanging puzzle, as our human body is an energy exchanging puzzle itself. And if you think about it, this on itself is already something utterly miraculous. Almost magical I would say. Never being able to completely grasp it, or objectify it, as we are involved. The meaning behind our existence must be something to search for, it must be a gap so we can create the meaning for ourselves. Making it an endless puzzle to solve. Never really getting the real answer, or a prove of the existence of it. Only some moments, of complete clarity. Witnessed only by ourselves, indescribable in any of our ways of communication.


To me, art is the form of communication closest connected to this clarity. As it's often done without any purpose, only for the sake of its existence. Being able to create, and being able to let something create itself.

My moments of clarity often arise when I’m at the sea. As this is place is so near my house, it’s easy to go there and walk or sit for an hour or more. Observing waves, listening to birds, watching people go by. This as well forms a great deal of inspiration to me. Being involved in this seeming simplicity, is making me able to create. To surrender to the “purposelessness” of existence (if this makes any sense to you.)


My works all somehow relate to this idea, as this is my life search. My obsession. My works are the external product of this obsession, of my inner process. Not always explainable by reason, for its intuitive and unprejudiced nature.